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Let’s get down to business: I make apps… Fantastic, new, exciting apps!

Which explains why I have no time to make the world’s best website – although you know if I put my mind to it I would  ;•)

Latest apps:

Closest To 10: The most addictive game on the App Store! You can even play it in 15 seconds :•O Tap once to start the spinner and tap again after 10 seconds. EXACTLY 10 seconds! It’s not as easy as you think…

Soundbath: No joke – I’m corrrntly in Italy recording a set of audio environments for the new SoundBath app. What is it? It’s an app for meditation and relaxation that uses multiple iOS devices to ‘bounce’ sound around a fixed point, delivering an immersive and transformative audio experience for the listener. Up to 16 devices can be used to bring any space to life – choosing from a huge selection of environments including rain, ocean waves, forests and rockpools. Each ‘experience’ currently lasts 5 mins – with a volume dip between each, so – even as you drift off into an escapist audio bliss – you can control how long you’ve been ‘out there’.

Soundbath is ready to go – but I’m currently gathering authentic audio to make the experiences truly special – so expect it out on the App Store soon!

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