What is Time4?

I’m an app developer from South London. I have hundreds of app ideas. Some awesome – some experimental. I make apps when I’m not out in my van installing stuff.

Any history?

I founded Time4 about 3 years ago, after watching a well-known TV show which featured an app design task. I thought to myself ‘I can do that!’, and I bought a book. Next thing – I had finished LyDi (my first app idea) and had it on the App Store. I knew then that I was going to make more, and developed Job Sheet Pro for my (then) employer. It sold two copies in the first few days. At £10 a time. I called my boss and he didn’t even know it was out. So someone else liked it? At this point I knew it was a viable form of work – and I’ve been making apps ever since.

How many apps so far?

I’ve got about 35 apps out. I’m estimating because some are ‘lite’ versions of others. Not all the apps are successful – but they are all good development practice, and experimentation has led to some great results. More recently I have concentrated on ideas which are more concise, but I still try some more outlandish ideas for the sake of trying something different.

Are you an app millionaire?

This is by far the easiest question to answer… No. And I don’t think I will be, at least for the next few years I think. Do I live comfortably on an app income? No. That simply doesn’t happen to 99% of start-ups in this industry. Do I work hard at it? Yes. I work too hard sometimes. I still have a job (I’m self employed) and have to balance new apps with a semi-regular work life. I have several very strong apps however.

What makes a good app?

Well, in my opinion – utilities. Something that adds a new angle to your mobile phone. Games are all well and good, but people generally want to make more time for themselves – and a good utility app streamlines a process to save time for an individual. I believe this is the key – as games demand your time instead of freeing it.

How many people work on the apps?

Just me. I am the designer, the programmer, the developer, the technical support, the accountant, the salesman, the webmaster and the marketing department. Despite this I’m relatively small, physically.

Why did it take so long to make the website?

Now you’re asking annoying questions. Stop it.

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