Burn Fix

What do you do when your super-smart iPhone or iPad gets ghosted images burned onto it’s screen?

> Firstly, you don’t panic like I did!

> Secondly – you download Burn Fix from the App Store, and watch as that screen burn melts away in minutes!


What causes the screen to burn-in?

Screen burn or ‘burn in’ is a common issue that can be experienced on any device or piece of electrical equipment which uses an LCD, plasma, or CRT display. It’s caused in a number of ways (depending on the technology involved) but is generally a result of the device’s display showing an image which remains unchanged for an extended period of time. Screen burn can occur on a particular area of the screen and doesn’t always affect the whole display. In the case of iOS devices, a regular culprit is the pop-up keyboard –  which is the source of the burn-in artefact which affected me and inspired the app in the first place!


Does Burn Fix really clear screen-burn?

I wouldn’t be championing this app if I wasn’t sure it had the potential to prove itself and do what it says on the tin! So I made sure I did a lot of testing before the app was ready for release. If it’s any help, the app fixed my screen burn on the first try – and took just half-an-hour to do it!


So how does Burn Fix work?

The app uses a rather straight-forward approach to fixing screen burn – but it does it in a particularly clever way. Considering that screen burn is usually a result of pixels ‘being lazy’ (i.e. not changing state for an unusually long period of time) a great solution to this problem is to ‘exercise’ the pixels (the analogy works rather well, hey!). What better way to do this than ‘flash’ the screen clear by showing a regularly-changing image? In the case of Burn Fix I chose a monochrome ‘fuzz’ – which looks eerily similar to the thing that used to happen when the TV signals stopped in the good old days (before our 24-hour media culture kicked in – and everything went digital).

This fuzzing process excites the pixel array which makes up your display – and as a result they ‘forget’ about the burned-in signals.

Trust me, there are precious few other ways of putting this process into words so I can only hope my brief description makes some sense!


There’s nothing better than feedback!

Give the app a try and see if it can restore your mobile display to it’s former glory!

And if it doesn’t? Then provide feedback! I strive to make all my apps perform as expected, and where things do go wrong I like to try and get to the bottom of the issue. So let me know if the app doesn’t live up to the promise!

Oh – and don’t forget to also let me know if it does fix that troublesome screen burn – it’s great to know when the apps do their job properly!