In a nutshell:

IconGen is a simple image manipulation tool primarily for programmers who need an image quickly resizing to common sizes.

More detail

IconGen is a wonderful little app designed with the Apple developer in mind – as it outputs images in sizes which compliment IOS standards.

It’s got a couple of glowing reviews already – just have a look on the App Store…

IconGen is part of a much bigger app project – Fast App Pro. The two apps compliment each other. The idea is that they’ll both become part of a suite of titles which makes app development more mobile. It’s a work in progress, but IconGen has already proved popular in it’s own right.

History of the app

IconGen is particularly special because it only took one day to develop. All graphics, interfaces, programming, provisioning, uploading of source files and marketing content for the App Store in just 24 hours.


Well it seemed like a challenge, and I really believed in the idea. So why not?

If you’re a developer – give it a try, it’s free!

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