Job Sheet Pro

In a nutshell:

Job Sheet Pro helps you quickly produce work sheets and invoices using your iPhone.


Further details

Job Sheet Pro is a tool for producing job paperwork in a user friendly step-by-step way. The result can be emailed to your employer or back to your home PC for storing in your records. It is a quick and easy way to manage your paperwork and produce invoices, without needing to retreat home. I use Job Sheet Pro on an almost daily basis – as it means I can focus more of my time on the job I’m actually doing.

The interface is designed with portability, speed and simplicity in mind. IT is one of the first big apps released by Time4 and continues to a be one of the most successful.

A big update is under way which will see a host of new features added to the app.


History of the app

The app was designed as a bespoke piece of software for a previous employer of mine. I put it on the app store at the time for £10 – expecting our team of technicians to download it to cover the development cost. The downloads which followed were not from my work colleagues, but from the wider public – who received it with open arms.

This proved to me that apps can sell, provided they perform a function in people’s lives. As a result my apps are usually handy utilities (as opposed to video games), as these apps save people valuable time on a daily basis.

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