Letter Express

In a nutshell:

Letter Express is an app which helps you write simple letters on your iPhone or iPad. It also lets you produce memos. It has also spawned a free ad-supported version – ‘Letter Express Free’.


More details

It uses a step-by-step process to do this, asking for each detail as you go along and finally showing you the composed document which you can send via email to wherever you want it to go.

The letters are rendered onto an A4 PDF canvas. This is perfect for printing onto standard paper stock.

One of the big features is that it lets you add your signature – which you can do by swiping your finger on the screen. Easy!

Letter Express frees you from more complicated desktop software. It means you can ‘pen’ your letter wherever, whenever (which is especially great when you need to represent yourself against a parking ticket or the congestion charge!) – and it lets nothing stand in the way of you and your letters!


History of the app

Most apps have a birth moment. Letter Express reared it’s head on a cold autumn morning when I walked out of a job I was working on to find I had a parking ticket. Now, there were reasons why this parking ticket shouldn’t have been issued – which I need not go into here and now. The legacy of this particular event was that I wanted to produce a letter of representation against the penalty there and then, but I only had my iPhone with me. So the idea popped into my head at that moment.

The initial release was limited in several ways, but it made an impact and I got lots of recommendations for improvements. One big update later,  and Letter Express is now impressing users all over the globe!

Another big update is on the cards for early next year. Watch this space for further detail…

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