In a nutshell:

You’re looking for the fastest, easiest and most versatile mail merge app ever?

MyMerge is EXACTLY what you’re looking for!

MyMerge is the only mail merge app for iPhone and iPad! There actually isn’t another dedicated mail merge app on the App Store – so it’s truly an innovation!


What does it do?

It produces full mail merge documents with very little time and effort.

It’s designed for flexibility, portability and speed.

The results speak for themselves – high quality labels, name badges, business cards, address tags… you name it – in PDF format on any form of A4 stock media.

You can produce a massive range of documents from the app without any need for additional software. In fact – all you need is the app, a datasource (if you want to merge database information with the document) and a printer somewhere in the world to send it to.

Even without a database – the app is a great way to print business cards, flyers and other marketing media.

When it comes to designing your document, you can choose from the pre-determined templates (currently business cards) or specify your own dimensions in the app. This lets you produce documents for all A4 media.

That’s powerful!


How does it work?

It gives you a local database where you import your data (if required) as CSV text. From here you can design your media using the Designer page. It uses a simple drag and drop interface so in a matter of minutes you can create a layout consisting of images, static text and dynamic text.

Dynamic text relates to data in the database you set up, and by pressing the ‘merge’ button it takes this data and dynamically completes the merged document.

You can then email this to yourself, or the office – or in fact anywhere its needed.


History of the app

I created the original incarnation of MyMerge to solve a regular task my partner was having trouble completing. It was a simple mail merge which took company names and produced branded name badges. We always put the task off to the last week before it was needed, as it was a task that usually took at least half a day and at least three packs of business card stock (at a typical cost of £8 per pack).

Why did it take so long? Well, because we used a very well known DTP package to perform the merge. This particular package had far too many options, most of which were actually erroneous when it came to the actual task at hand. So I wanted an app which gave me access to only the most important features (features which were almost impossible to accurately set in the DTP software). I also wanted it to be mobile so we wouldn’t have to pencil-in time at home to do work tasks.

Before using the app (and I’m not exaggerating) I estimate it took three hours – at the very least – to complete the job. Once I got the app working we did a trial of the process using my iPhone – and we had a working document within two minutes…

Two minutes!

From this, I calculated a net saving of 2 hours and 58 minutes of valuable work (or play) time… and that’s 98.8%!

The final product is actually even better than I’d expected. I got heavily involved in the graphical appearance of the pages of the app, as I wanted it to actually be a joy to use. Now I honestly enjoy doing mail merge tasks using it – primarily because I know I’m saving myself hours of work by doing so.


The price?

MyMerge is currently FREE


For those in marketing – download the MyMerge press pack by clicking here

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