Eh? What’s TMSTDLY?

It’s actually TMSTDLE (pronounced tun-stud-lee), and it stands for ‘The Most Simple To-Do List Ever’ – an app which I initially released several years ago as a super-simple way to manage day-to-day tasks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if – having tried the app – you’re finding it a little dated and buggy. It’s an old app which is in need of modernisation – and it’s screaming out for a new identity and some well-deserved TLC…

To give the app the edge it needs – and to spur me on to make the necessary bug-fixes and improvements – I decided to give it a ‘comic book’-style makeover. The inspiration for this was that writing a list of things to do isn’t really all that interesting – so why not change this and find a way to inject some fun into it – while retaining that ‘super-simple’ feel that keeps people coming back for more.

So, while not yet complete, the new-look TMSTDLE is definitely taking shape – and will be coming to an iOS mobile device near you soon!