The Roameo Web Browser

Roameo is one of the latest ideas from Time4.


It was born from a frustration that I could not find an option in Safari to control whether or not to show graphics in web pages.

This was a frustration because it meant I was paying through the nose for data, when I actually just needed the text (I think I was reading the news). So I set out to make my own browser with an easy way to toggle this option. In the process I happened upon the idea that maybe the browser could – in fact – give me an indication of how much data the images make up. Simple mathematics could then provide a clue as to the cost of that page.

So it snowballed from there. I wanted it to look good too, but thats the fun bit :-)

The result is web browser which helps you control the cost of roaming when abroad – hence the name ‘Roameo’ – because the app just loves to save money on data!

And save money it does… a visit to the ‘’ confirmed this – shaving a whole 40p off the total cost!

This is another fine point about Roameo – it lets you know what you would have spent.

It’s always nice to know that :-)


So you’ve read the history – now try the app!

Working on a significant update as we speak. I have national press interest in the idea, and there are still improvements to implement!

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