Yumoji – Your face… but even funnier!

Every fancied starring as your own emoji?

Yumoji is the app which helps you mix your own face with a series of exciting and fun graphics – with AWESOME results!

By swiping up, down, left and right – you can mix and match to make personalised emoji graphics to share with everyone or anyone 😀

You can even do what I do and drive everyone MAD with a torrent of very silly faces in your spare time.

Where standard emojis aften fail to let you provide those tiny nuances that can be invaluable for getting your point across more directly – Yumoji steps in and gives you the chance to personalise your winky, scream, cat, frog and ghost to a level which was previously unprecedented!

Featuring all the old emoji favourites (yes – including the poo) Yumoji is both fun and practical. So if you’re looking for a way to be more expressive when you text, tweet and email – get Yumoji right NOW!

  • Available in both lite and pro versions (features vary)